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Spruce up a child's bedroom with Amish toys

by Tom Grimes

In spite of the message that more modern offerings convey, children don't need the complex stimulation that toy manufacturers would have you believe. Your little one's imagination is the greatest entertainment he or she owns and deserves to be nurtured to its fullest extent. Amish children's toys refer to a time of ease - battery-free and safe, they will inspire creativity.

Do you remember your own marble roller? With their elegant simplicity, these solid wood pieces will keep your child enthralled for hours as they watch the marbles wind down through a maze.

A wooden spinning top is one of the most classic toys, popular since as far back as the 1800s. The advent of plastic toys has made these pieces a thing of the past, but your kid will love pulling the string and watching the top spin for hours.

A variety of wooden puzzles are available to keep both you and your child perplexed. Classic sets of Lincoln Logs will quickly teach them the fundamentals of construction. A rocking horse will let them wile away the hours, swinging to and fro. Amish toys can endow your kids with the same childhood memories that you once enjoyed. 

1/23/2017 1:46:40 PM