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Stay professional with Amish file cabinets

by Tom Grimes

Due to common space constraints, home offices can often be cramped and disorganized. Whether they are part of the attic, basement or a small corner in another room, individuals are often looking for ways to make their home working environments feel personal, but not too homey. Clients and others who visit the space should be struck by the productive and efficient atmosphere.

When furnishing an office, homeowners should be sure not to put up any informal wall decorations. A tasteful piece of artwork or a calendar can look official, but anything else can be too excessive and may add too much flair to the atmosphere.

A desk can be a simple and elegant surface for a computer and monitor, but additional storage may be necessary for extra files, folders, papers and office supplies.

Pieces of Amish office furniture such as Amish file cabinets are made to evoke both professionalism and comfort. These cabinets are crafted from wood and can blend into a home much easier than metal cabinets that can feel out of place. They range from two-drawer to four-drawer to six-drawer solutions, and many are also available with cabinets and shelves attached.

1/22/2017 11:12:21 AM