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Storage solutions for a cluttered office with an Amish desk

by Tom Grimes

Offices can quickly become disorganized and cluttered with stacks of paper, supplies and yesterday's lunch, but there are some effective ways to add storage space that may improve productivity and efficiency.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggests that one way to increase the storage capacity of one's workspace is to use a shower caddy. This can be adhered to a wall and used as a way to organize everything from stationary to notebooks.

Bathroom supplies, such as a toothbrush holder and soap dish, are also easy accessories to add to a desk that may make a significant difference - pencils can easily fit in the holder and coins, keys or business cards can be placed in the dish.

If there are so many office supplies that they need to be organized into multiple containers, the news source claims that glass jars can be ideal, because they keep similar items together and make the contents easily visible when needed.

Pieces of Amish office furniture can also be practical additions to any office space and can help to create a professional atmosphere. Many Amish desks are expertly crafted to fit computers and offer multiple drawers and cabinets for writing utensils, files and folders.

1/23/2017 11:57:38 PM