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Store wine with class with an Amish wine rack

by Tom Grimes

There comes a point in any wine enthusiast's life where the cupboard simply isn't an adequate place to store vintages. Wine is a beverage of class and sophistication and shoving bottles into a shelf doesn't suit the spirit of collecting.

Additionally, having just one corner to store wine bottles can make them difficult to access. Instead, homeowners may want to start creating a unique area for all of their vintages by investing in pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture such as an Amish wine racks.

These items are made to fit into any number of different locations around the house. Whether there is an entire basement ready for wine storage or just the far wall of a living room, these wine racks can be dignified ways to exhibit a collection.

The Montana log furniture wine cabinet exudes a charming, rustic feel and, complete with a drawer and tabletop, also acts as a practical surface to place beside a living room couch or in a dining room.

For those looking for more fanciful items, the unique golf club wine bottle holder can combine two passions in one - golfing and wine!

1/24/2017 8:16:27 AM