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Stowleaf draw tables easily expand to suit your needs

by Tom Grimes

It is all too often that an otherwise pleasant dinner party is sullied by an over-crowded table. And even if one owns an expandable table, the external leaves are cumbersome and difficult to place and remove.

Amish stowleaf draw tables rectify both of these problems quite handily. Instead of having to create space under a bed or in a closet, the leaves are kept under the table. A simple and sturdy mechanism allows one to effortlessly slide them in and out as needed.

These solid wood pieces are constructed from the highest-quality materials by skilled Amish artisans and come in a variety of styles to satisfy any aesthetic palette. The French Country table is dark and elegant with gently-curved legs and subtle ornamentation along the base. For a more chiseled look, one may consider the Cleveland Collection's simple, no-frills approach.

Whatever the style, these tables can be relied on for generations to come. Each piece is guaranteed to last a lifetime, handcrafted by Amish woodworkers with a keen focus on quality and durability. 

1/21/2017 8:37:30 PM