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Swiss Valley Rockers provide a unique seat in the office

by Tom Grimes

Whether at a home office or a multi-level building, employees are often looking for ways to customize their workplace in order to make it personal and comfortable. Decorating the walls with paintings or pictures of family can help make the office an intimate and productive area, but there are also more fundamental options to consider.

One of the most important elements in any office is the chair. This is where the majority of the work day will be spent, and if it isn't suited to an individual's preferences, aches and pains can develop after hours of sitting.

A quality office chair can do more than improve one's office experience, it may produce benefits felt at home. A poor chair can leave a back sore for days on end, with no relief until the weekend.

However, it is often difficult to locate the common ground between professional and comfortable furniture. One piece of Amish office furniture that fits this bill is the Swiss Valley rocker.

This chair is padded with dignified, leather seating for maximum comfort, but doesn't sacrifice aesthetic qualities, and it can complement an office with traditional or modern themes.

1/17/2017 6:26:32 PM