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The Amish-made Shaker collection will bring a rich history into your home

by Tom Grimes

When considering what furniture to purchase, you may have encountered the incredible number of styles available. While variety is the spice of life, it can certainly be a daunting task to sift through so many aesthetics to find one that speaks to you. There was a time when buying furniture was a much simpler affair, however.

The Shakers have created perhaps the most enduring furniture of all time. Striving for perfection on earth, they built pieces that featured earnest lines and honest function, doing away with the fussy and elaborate ornamentation of French and British furniture. Truly, the Shakers' philosophy of pacifism and equality is reflected in the pieces they have constructed.

If you find elegant simplicity appealing, you will be very pleased with Amish made furniture like that of the Shaker collection. You may decorate your entire abode with the humble beauty of the collection if you like, and it promises to endure through the years. The fine construction quality of Amish furniture means you and your family can enjoy heirloom-quality pieces for generations.

1/18/2017 2:57:47 AM