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The Apple Creek collection will add an ornate flair to any room

by Tom Grimes

If you frequently entertain guests, you understand the importance of presentation to first-time visitors. Though dining chairs often don't receive the same consideration as tables, they are just as vital to a room's aesthetic. The Apple Creek collection brings high-quality construction and beautiful ornamentation to your dining room.

These solid wood pieces come in a variety of styles that will suit anybody's needs. The Nash dining room chair takes a traditional design and adds flair with delicate contours and sumptuous curves.

Those with more expansive tastes may want to consider the Queen Anne-style chair. Made from a lustrous dark wood, the chair's back expands into a gorgeous symmetrical design that's both elegant and intricate.

The Benton dining chair is made earnestly with simple, honest lines that hide nothing. Its simple form allows the wood's naturally-intricate patterns to come forward, bringing a unique appeal to each and every piece. Whatever your preferences, know that Amish-made furniture will provide heirloom-quality construction to any purchase.

1/18/2017 9:09:22 PM