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The Glacier Country collection is perfect for a vacation home

by Tom Grimes

When you're off on vacation, you want to be in an atmosphere completely different from home. After all, what's the point of leaving town only to visit a place that looks exactly the same? Though you may not be interested in incorporating a rustic feel into your usual decor, a country home is the perfect place for this sort of style.

In this case, the Glacier Country collection will definitely do the trick. The collection essentially features log furniture - rough design and a somewhat unfinished look are its defining traits. Best of all, you may furnish an entire household using Glacier Country pieces. It boasts a great variety of furniture to suit your needs.

Built from lodgepole pine, these solid wood pieces are designed to last for generations to come. Skilled Amish woodworkers hand-craft every piece of furniture, ensuring only the highest quality of construction. Those who are looking to revamp their vacation home will find much appeal in the Glacier Country collection. It hearkens back to a time before the age of mass-produced furniture, and the values of hard work and integrity permeate its pieces. 

1/19/2017 5:52:08 AM