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Things to Consider When Shopping for Furniture: Dovetailed Drawers

by Tom Grimes

   When you’re shopping for heirloom-quality American furniture it’s essential to pay attention to quality in the details.

   Many times, even when a piece of furniture looks beautiful, if you take a more in-depth look you’ll find that it’s nothing more than cheap veneers held together with staples! Or, even worse, the drawers are hastily glued together pieces of particle board or plywood! These manufacturers try to hide the shortcomings of their furniture so you think you’re getting a lot for your money, when in actuality you’ll have to buy that same piece of furniture again in two years after the one you just bought falls apart. You save in the short run, only to lose in the long run.

   At DutchCrafters we have nothing to hide – our furniture is masterfully handcrafted by world-renowned Amish craftsmen throughout Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio with the utmost integrity throughout. When you invest in heirloom Amish furniture on DutchCrafters, expect that furniture to last a lifetime and longer! At DutchCrafters, we’re all about superior quality in the details, and one of those details is our dovetailed drawers. We don’t just glue straight pieces of cheap wood together to make a drawer. The superior craftsmanship and work that goes in to each drawer reflects upon the integrity, honesty, and authenticity from our superior customer service staff to the superior home furnishing we offer.

Dovetailed Drawers

   As opposed to drawers assembled with straight boards using screws, nails, or staples, a dovetailed drawer joint is formed when a series of trapezoidal “pins” are cut to extend from the end of one board and are interlocked with a series of trapezoidal “tails” cut into the end of another board. The result makes pulling the two boards apart impossible without breaking the wood. Thus, a dovetailed joint is only as strong as the material it is made from. Combine our Amish-crafted dovetailed drawers with the strength and durability of a premium American solid hardwood and you could sit a John Deere tractor on those drawers and they still wouldn’t break – literally!

   Drawers constructed with dovetailed joints generally outlast and outperform drawers assembled with any other construction method. Valued for their immense tensile strength (or their resistance to being pulled apart), the structural integrity of a dovetailed drawer should last for decades. Today the finest manufacturers are even incorporating dovetailed slats into their beds to keep the rails from bending outward!

   In America now dovetailed joints have taken on a definition of their own. Beyond the immense structural integrity they offer, dovetailed drawers are recognized today as a defining element of fine craftsmanship. The most common dovetailed joint used in American furniture making today is the “through dovetail,” in which the end grain of both boards is visible in the assembled product. Traditionally, the through dovetails would have been covered by a veneer, but as dovetailed drawer became sought out and valued by more and more people, the exposed grain of the pins and tails took on its own aesthetic charm, and today the exposed grain is rarely ever concealed.

Dovetailed Drawers on DutchCrafters             

   Nearly all the furniture offered on DutchCrafters with drawers features dovetailed drawer joints (with some exceptions).

   We know that some customers want the rustic appeal and primitive designs of early-American furniture making, and for these customers we proudly carry old-world wood on wood drawers assembled with nails and screws and without drawer slides. But for those who expect the most from heirloom quality furniture, DutchCrafters offers all the fine standard features you should come to expect, one of which, of course, is dovetailed drawers!

   At DutchCrafters, we not only offer dovetailed joints on nearly all our drawers, but the majority of our furniture features dovetailed drawers standard! We believe that the immense structural integrity of the dovetailed joint is an integral part of all heirloom furniture and shouldn’t come at an additional upcharge!

   We’re dedicated to integrity throughout and our furniture is built to last generation. The superior quality of our furniture is reflected in every detail - not limited to the parts of furniture you can see! What good is an heirloom dresser with cheap, flimsy drawers? At DutchCrafters when you invest in an heirloom hardwood dresser it’s accompanied by finely crafted dovetailed drawers – as it should be!

For more information or questions, feel free to call in toll free and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable Amish furniture specialist: 1-866-272-6773.

1/22/2017 7:22:35 AM