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Use Amish furniture to create a better work environment

by Tom Grimes

With the new year almost here, many individuals have already begun contemplating their resolutions for 2011. And while some people may vow to quit smoking or stick to their diet, others may want to pick a goal that is achievable and will definitely benefit them in the coming year.

Those with a home office can resolve to create a more professional work environment - a well-organized space may lead to higher productivity and more confidence in the work produced. To begin, individuals should assess their space to figure out what the area is lacking, such as storage, seating or a cohesive decor.

Pieces of Amish office furniture can add sophistication to any space without comprising function - Amish-made desks, file cabinets and bookshelves are useful as well as beautiful.

If the home office isn't a separate room but instead situated in a corner of a larger space, homeowners may want to consider specialty items. A secretary desk, for example, features a pull-down workspace that can be closed when company comes over. Guests will never suspect that the living room can double as an office.

1/23/2017 3:55:31 PM