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Versatile Amish futon can be ideal for unexpected guests

by Tom Grimes

Whether a homeowner is hosting a family reunion or is housing loved ones during the holiday season, there are many times when company is staying over and there's suddenly a shortage of beds. This can be the case for many holiday occasions or family reunions, as well as birthday parties or other events when loved ones are coming from far away.

Not all homeowners have dedicated an entire room to keeping guests happy and comfortable, but with the right touches one can create a living room that is not only suited for recreation, but also for sleeping.

The key is to have a versatile focal point that adds to the aesthetic value of the room as a couch but can easily be turned into a bed when the need arises. Those who are looking for a multi-functional piece may want to invest in pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture such as Amish futons, which can fulfill both needs.

The charming, rustic frame of the Amish Glacier County log furniture futon can create a warm welcome for any guest. With its sturdy design and unique appearance, it's sure to be an instant source of conversation and appreciation.

For a more subtle look, one may choose the Amish made Montana log furniture futon. The light tones of this piece can easily complement any home with a traditional theme and become a centerpiece for years to come.

1/17/2017 8:40:10 PM