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Warm up a bedroom with Amish furniture

by Tom Grimes

Keeping a home warm for the winter doesn't just mean that homeowners should stock up on extra blankets and take pains to keep the windows insulated.

According to Jessica Franklin, an interior designer, a home's decor can affect how people feel.

"Understanding the psychology behind interior design is what designers are taught in design school," she told The Auburn Citizen. "You can take your surroundings even beyond a positive impact they can actually make you feel complete."

She added that the right furnishings can fill a room with warmth and brightness throughout the winter.

Throw pillows can add spots of color to a monotone bed or sofa, and soft, velvety window treatments can make a space appear more luxurious.

The gentle, natural tones of Amish bedroom furniture can also add warmth to a room. These pieces are crafted from wood that contains an inherent richness.

An armoire is a great addition to one's home in any season, but may come in particularly handy during the colder months. They are ideal for storing spare linens and blankets that will be necessary once the temperature drops.

1/19/2017 10:44:32 PM