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Welcome a guest to a home with Amish handcrafted furniture

by Tom Grimes

Homeowners are often struggling to come up with a proper way to decorate a foyer. This is the first part of the house that a guest sees and should be indicative of the rest of the abode's decor.

However, it is easy to overwhelm visitors with too many colors and accessories. Keeping a front entrance simple and elegant can be a much better choice.

Pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture can reflect just the right amount of dignity and relaxation. Each item is built to last, so that guests who visit a home over the years will always remember the piece.

Amish Windsor benches can serve as a practical addition to any foyer. Their sturdy, curved frames are designed for maximum comfort and can provide company with a place to rest their feet after a long trip.

Those who are looking to add a touch of the countryside to the hall may also want to place an Amish clock on a windowsill or table. These charming accessories instill a sense of tradition in any space and are also quite practical.

Each clock has a unique feel and style, from the Amish Windsor to the antique shelf to the shaker mantle clock.

1/17/2017 7:56:02 AM