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Welcome guests with the warmth and beauty of solid hardwood, Amish-handcrafted foyer furniture!

by Tom Grimes

   At DutchCrafters, we really understand the value and significance of furniture, how it affects the way we use and live in our home, and how it affects our visitors, and sets a tone.

   The right dining room table can foster an unforgettable holiday dinner, just as easily as the wrong table can drive the family to eat out. Similarly, the right foyer furniture can create a warm, welcoming, and inviting tone, just as easily as the wrong foyer furniture can turn guests off, and even make them feel uncomfortable.


(Above: Mission Foyer Slat Bench with Drawers)

   How are your guests greeted? With an empty hall, a dull, oppressive mud-room, or a mountain of mismatched shoes?

   At DutchCrafters we proudly carry foyer furniture that is practical, durable, and beautiful. Our Amish made hardwood foyer furniture contains the potential to take any home entryway, no matter how neglected, and make it glow with the distinct warmth and natural beauty of solid hardwoods.

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_1789-Amish-Furniture-Entryway-Furniture-Solid-Wood-Mission-Hall-Tree-with-Mirror--20.jpg   Typically our Amish foyer furniture is available in a variety of stunning hardwoods; Oak wood, Maple wood, and Cherry wood are most common, while in some cases we even offer Hickory wood and Walnut wood! Additionally, nearly all our hardwoods are harvested from sustainably managed forests right here in the United States! Our customers generally have their choice of hardwood on all foyer furniture products to achieve the design and aesthetic tone they want for their home’s entryway.

(Left: Mission Hall Tree Bench with Mirror)

   While we proudly carry the finest handcrafted, hardwood coat hangers, grandfather clocks, hall tables, and key cabinets, our signature hardwood foyer benches and hall trees are without a doubt our most popular! Beyond beauty, our foyer benches and hall trees promise practicality and functionality. Every design element of our superior hardwood hall trees intentionally serves to enhance your life with convenience and conviction. Typically, our Amish made hardwood hall trees feature a built in bench from which you can put on and take off your shoes, a storage chest for shoes, hats, or winter clothes, coat hangers to help maintain a tidy, organized foyer, and a mirror so you can check yourself out on your way out the door. It’s the unique combination of all these elements in a design that is both stunningly beautiful, structurally rock-solid, and functionally efficient that makes our foyer hall trees customer favorites!

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_12415-Amish-Furniture-40-Country-Hall-Seat--40.jpg    http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_12849-Amish-Furniture-Bedroom-Furniture-Hall-Tree-Bench-with-Mirror-For-Eight-Hooks--20.jpg    http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_12790-Amish-Furniture-Entryway-Furniture-Lattice-Weave-Hall-Tree-Bench--30.jpg

(Featured Images, Left to Right: 40" Rustic Mission Hall Tree, French Country Hall Tree Bench with Mirror, Lattice Weave Triple Hall Bench)

   DutchCrafters’ Amish foyer furniture is proudly Amish made in America. Handcrafted with an American commitment to quality and excellence, each piece of Amish foyer furniture exudes strength and beauty. At DutchCrafters, we will gladly work with you to custom build the foyer furniture of your dreams – tailored specifically to your home and style. Call us today to speak to knowledgeable Amish furniture specialist, toll free: 866-272-6773.

1/18/2017 3:20:20 PM