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Wow guests with Amish hallway cabinets

by Tom Grimes

There are several key steps for homeowners to take if guests are arriving and one wants to add some dazzle to a home on short notice, according to interior designer Derek Taylor, who recently spoke to Easier.com.

One way to add flair to a residence is to follow the decorations found within a five-star, luxury hotel. In the bedroom, this can mean over-sized headboards and lots of premium, comfortable fabrics. Soft, overhead lighting can complete the atmosphere.

Vivid colors can also be added to any room without paints by carefully arranging throw pillows, blankets and other fabrics on pieces of furniture. A distinctive tablecloth on the dining room table or bright curtains on the living room windows can make a huge difference.

Small details can be an effective way to make each room memorable and distinct. Taylor suggests using candles, vases, coasters and photos as ways to accent existing decorations.

Homeowners looking to impress guests right at a home's entrance may be interested in adding pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture to the foyer. An Amish hallway cabinet or curio cabinet can be used to store all the items that are unique to a residence, and also be unique decorations themselves.

1/20/2017 5:07:57 PM