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You will love the dignified rustic charm of Amish log furniture

by Tom Grimes

Modern furniture often seems to pride itself on being cold and disinterested in its surroundings. It draws attention to itself rather than the room it occupies and refuses to complement homes that are not specifically tailored to its design.

If you want to rid yourself of the stress that comes with contemporary pieces, consider the elegant and timeless construction of Amish made furniture. Made from solid wood, Amish log furniture will bring a rustic beauty to your home regardless of the décor you already have set up.

Log bookcases are handcrafted from solid wood, perfect for one who owns a number of older novels. If you'd like to feel as though you are sleeping in a cabin, consider a bed. Its deep-finished wood and sturdy construction will have you looking forward to sleep every night.

Children will feel like pioneers with miniature log furniture. The heirloom quality that comes with Amish furniture means your children will someday pass these pieces down to their own, starting a tradition that will go on for generations to come.

1/22/2017 9:26:12 PM