3 Comfy Casual Ways with a Wine Rack

Jayca Pike 25/06/2015

I heard this myth that most homes in rural France have small wine cellars, just like the rest of us (Stateside) have cluttered basements. Now, I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is? They’re missing out on a classic, convenient wine rack. One of these three will look at least twice as good as wandering down to the basement for a refill.

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Wine Rack 1: The All-In-One Solution3 Ways with a Wine Rack: Wine Rack 1: The All-in-One Solution

For your game room, your family room, your man cave . . .

Technically, this Ripley Wine Cabinet contains a wine rack, and doesn’t quite qualify as one, but no need to split hairs. We’d bet you’d be more comfortable splitting a bottle or two in the media room while the Saturday night movie is on, with no need to run to the kitchen to open the next round. While you’re right here, might as well pop some popcorn in the accompanying space for a microwave, or take some elegant (French?) cheese out of the nook provided for a mini fridge. There’s a handy drawer for silverware, shelving for plates and 270° opening and closing doors for the inevitable time the credits roll.

Additionally, this wine cabinet helps you to follow rule #1 of wine storage: Don’t leave your wine bottles exposed to sunlight. By tucking them behind closed doors, you can be sure your favorite beverages age gracefully.

Wine Rack #2: The Bar Cart Buddy

3 Ways with a Wine Rack: Wine Rack #2: The Bar Cart Buddy

Who else loves a quirky little bar cart? Our handcrafted Regal Wine Rack brings some class to the party

A solid wood, immaculately made, freestanding wine rack next to a mid-century modern bar cart? Yes, please. The combination keeps the vibe of the room fun and retro without veering into college-apartment territory. The wine storage in this case wins extra points for coordinating with the vintage bar signs and providing extra space for extra glasses – because if there are good times to be had, it’s best to be able to share them!

Wine Rack #3: Debonair Dining Room Attendant

3 Ways With A Wine Rack: Wine Rack #3: Debonair Dining Room Attendant

The Madison pub table and matching Madison Wine Tower exude confidence in this little dining room

If you were holding out for an elaborate wine rack to go with an ostentatious dining room, you won’t find one in this post. A pub table set for four friends at brunch is only as fancy as you please in this Sunday-morning sort of space. Placing the wine tower in the corner keeps those clear white wine bottles aways from the sun (where the taste begins to deteriorate in less than 30 minutes) and also frees up space in a room that’s on the smaller side. Matching the woods and stains – even down to the baseboards, in this case! – amps up the backbone of the room.

The result is put together without putting anyone off. Now, who’s ready for lox ‘n eggs?


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  • Ethel
    August 21, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    A wine rack can really bring a classic feel to a room. These different designs are all so pretty! Getting a wine rack can be very useful in many ways, like the first picture demonstrates. Thanks for the fun post!

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