Amish Thimble Cookies, Plus Several Life Lessons

Jayca Pike 01/07/2014

In Which I Discover That Simple Pleasures Can Require Hard Work

Most people, myself included, equate the Amish lifestyle with simplicity — and for good reason. Their oral histories (or those histories as disseminated by mainstream society) are filled with proverbs that speak to plain and honest principles:

“Peace is seeing a sunset, and knowing whom to thank.”


That’s a beautiful little piece of happiness to carry around in your pocket, don’t you think? Instead of seeing a sunset and wondering where my camera phone is, what filter to use on the sunset photo, which social platform to send it to . . .

I digress.

This past Sunday, I was inspired to bake some Amish simplicity into my life with a batch of Thimble Cookies (or Thumbprint Cookies, or [adorably] Bird’s Nest Cookies). You’re welcome to download the Amish Thimble Cookie recipe here, and it’s also posted below.

A few things to note:

1. “A task takes as long as it takes.”

After making the world’s absolute most sticky dough ever, I chilled it in the fridge for an hour, per my mother’s sage advice. After attempting to roll several more cookies, I was still losing half of the dough in my palms.

A total of four hours in the fridge resulted in workable dough. I blame the Florida humidity!

2. “You can’t make good hay from poor grass.”

I used sugar-free, off-brand jam. The baked result was a batch of cute little cookies floating in a sea of blueberry and cherry goo, which later cooled to Goo SuperGlue. I was scraping cookie-crumble-dotted jam-crust from baking pans (and, ahem, nibbling it) for the rest of the evening. In truth? An excellent snack in front of Sunday Night television — like Fruit Roll-Ups with cookie bits!

3. “Watch a person as a cat does a mouse.”

Do not underestimate the deliciousness of these sweet nothings. They’re plain enough for dunking, tasty enough to eat alone, and deceptively light. While changing camera lenses, I lost a good half-dozen to my significant other, who happily shrugged and noted that the recipe had made plenty to photograph, and plenty more to serve at work on Monday.

I noted that my coworkers finished them by noon 🙂

Please enjoy — let me know if you try these, or if you have any secrets on perfecting the process!


Amish Thimble Cookies Recipe



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  • Linse Miller
    July 3, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    They were delicious Jayca! I love, love, love this proverb – “Peace is seeing a sunset, and knowing whom to thank.”

    Thank you for sharing the recipe, cookies and reflection!

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