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Leah Meldman first fell in love with Amish furniture when she started as a content writer at DutchCrafters in 2015. Contributing to Timber to Table is a welcome change of pace from the papers she writes while pursuing a bachelor's degree in British and American Literature. Leah is a Shih Tzu enthusiast who enjoys the company of her spunky rescue dog, Patrick O'Growly, in the office from time to time. DutchCrafters Timber to Table blog was started in 2012 to provide our customers and other readers with woodworkers stories, Amish culture information, and furniture selection or interior design tips.

Urban Chicken Coops

Leah Meldman 25/05/2016

Raise Chickens, Raise the Bar Has your longing for a rural past been cooped up now that you live in the city? Urban chicken coops continue to be more and more popular as cities adapt to this fast-growing trend. Even in our own backyard, laws have been adjusted to accommodate the desire to domestically raise chickens. After more than 1,000 people petitioned for the legalization of these backyard chickens in Sarasota, FL, where our corporate headquarters… Urban Chicken Coops

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