SPRING CLEAN – The Kitchen

Jayca Pike 04/04/2014

Okay, so this list looks super-long, but . . .

 . . . from here on out,  a lot  of the first few activities are repetitive for each room. You’ll be cleaning window sills in every room. Checking the walls and wiping down switchplates. With that in mind, if you’re so inclined, you’re welcome  just go through the house and, say, clean ALL the windows. Or ALL the light fixtures.

Anything that keeps you going/motivated! For some people, that’s scratching things off a list, for others it’s a snack. For still others, it’s a breath of fresh air every half hour, no matter what. For some of us, well . . .  you’ll see!

CLICK HERE for a printable version of the list!



  • Dust light fixtures
  • Clear ceiling cobwebs
  • Dust blinds
  • Treat curtains as needed [launder/spot clean/switch to summer fabrics]
  • Clean windows & sills
  • Walls – scan ceiling to baseboard for obvious marks & scrub them out
    • Include switchplates & doorknobs here! A quick swipe is usually sufficient
  • Tackle the cabinets (one at a time is best, seriously):
    • Empty the cabinets of contents
    • Wipe down inside walls, back of door, shelving
    • Wipe down contents before replacing what you want to keep (that’s a hint to ABCC)
    • Wipe the front doors/handles
  • Tackle the drawers (again, one at a time)
    • Empty
    • Wipe down insides
    • Wipe down contents
    • Wipe down fronts & handles/pulls


  • Scrub down your stovetop (easier for some than others, we know)
    • Wipe down your various elements (teapots, drip bowls, extra timers) before replacing or storing them elsewhere
  • YOUR DISCRETION: Start your self-cleaning oven mode. There’s some solid advice AGAINST using the feature, and some people would rather wait until they’re finished in the kitchen before running it, anyway. Your call.
  • Clean the front/knobs/buttons/dials of your dishwasher
  • Clean the inside of your dishwasher – here are a few popular ways
  • Empty out your freezer
    • Toss what’s expired or never going to be eaten (or unrecognizable)
    • Defrost if necessary
    • Put back what’s left in an organized fashion (oldest at front/on top, meats in a separate area from veggies, from deserts . . .)
  • Empty out your fridge – we recommend one shelf or section at a time, starting at the top
    • Toss anything questionable
    • Scrub down shelves, door shelving, remove drawers and wash in the sink
    • Wipe down condiment bottles and jars, especially leaking caps
    • Put back what’s left in an organized fashion
  • ABCC your refrigerator door . . . you can do it . . .
  • Clean the fronts & handles of fridge & freezer
  • Tackle the small appliances (that weren’t in cabinets):
    • Microwave, inside & out
    • Toaster oven, inside & out & empty pan
    • Coffee pot, inside (as in, where you put the water) and out
      • Descale, if you like
  • Scrub down your sink, drains (try vinegar for serious gunk) & around your faucet & knobs
  • Wipe down your countertops
  • Sweep/mop or vacuum/mop the floor (here we are, assuming that no one has carpet in their kitchen . . .)


  • Sharpen your knives
  • Polish your silverware
  • Straighten your pantry
    • SuperBonus: Empty your pantry entirely, scrub it down like you would a cabinet, check all of your expiration dates, then return & organize the contents
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