Two Ways to Create a Pinterest Home this August

Jayca Pike 04/08/2014

Most of us have fallen down a Pinterest rabbit-hole sometime in recent memory (some of us, ahem, fall more times than others). We delight in intertwined aspirations and imagery as the clock spins, losing track of where the daydreams on our screens end and the ones in our heads begin.

So why not bring a Pinterest home into reality? Or, better yet, how? Here, three ways to make two of your rooms Pinterest – worthy this month. BONUS: we’ll throw in a few tips on snapping photos of the perfectly Pin-able results. May we suggest that you share your August abode with us? 🙂

1. Lighten up!

PInterest Home 1

The paint is fresh and cool, the wood feels clean and uncomplicated, the bedding simple and light. This inviting image says “Ahhhh . . .,” like a ten-degree temperature drop in the evening. But how to harness the power of light without whitewashing your interiors?

Lighten your clutter load. Clear out the jumble of “stuff” that has accumulated in your bedroom — the toys, the shoes, the clothes, the jewelry, the miscellany life clutter strewn about. Put things in their rightful spots, or at least out of your “serenity now!” bedroom’s way. This is only one room, one room to step into after a long, hot day and feel just like this image, like you have the space to breathe peacefully.

Then, literally make the room less heavy — try two pillows instead of your typical five on the bed, stack nighttime reading (magazines, books, work files) on a bookshelf or in an artful pile in another room, take down some of your wall art and store it for a bit. Remove heavy curtains, cut down to a single light throw, roll up the bedside rug for the month. If you’re brave, move out the nightstands and relish in the empty space for awhile, enjoy the spartan simplicity for a month (or at least for your photo shoot). A plant, a rustic wooden stool, and an undressed window provide all the visual stimulation the room needs.

THE BONUS: Unsurprisingly, the plain surroundings are exactly what the Pinterest -doctor ordered. Clean lines and unfussy styling not only satisfy and relax overstressed humans in a physical sense, but they also provide the same much-needed breather on raucous Pinterest feeds. Part of the glory of summer and Pinterest is the riot of color and energy everywhere. Paring down visually — in a room in your house, and even just one photo on a feed — sends out light, positive, calming vibes that stand out to your brain and your audience in the best possible way.

2. Relax.

Pinterest Home 2

The words “languish” and “lounge” come to mind in this placid image — and isn’t that exactly what you want to come home to? The trailing leaves, the different distressed finishes across the mirror, the floor, even the exposed brick wall say “Come on in, kick off your shoes. We’ll worry about about the rest of it tomorrow.”

Bring it home by mixing your shapes. Notice how the structure of the couch, the square table, and the solid wood cabinet are balanced and eased by the round lampshade, the bulbous ceramic planter, and the unbalanced circles of the lamp base. You’re living room is probably home to a lot of the same “blocky” pieces — ease up by bringing in round vignette objects like vases, bowls, even teapots and cups. Round ottomans do the trick, as well.

THE BONUS: That throw, that graceful throw. It’s a Pinterest staple, all casual, undone, and ready for tossing off or on at a moment’s notice.

Whether on a bed, a couch, or a chair, score that perfect relaxed throw by looking for folds and triangles. In the first image, note how the folds create lines that draw your eyes off the bed, and into the rest of the image — in a non-staged “throwing” of the piece, it would literally fall flat, both in a photographic sense and a real one.

When hanging the throw vertically, watch for triangles (normally the corners of the throw) and hang them facing downward. In the image above, the dangling tassels complement the drifting lines of the vines, but the soft corner on a a tassle-free piece would just as well — like the triangle you see on the upper right of the throw, on the back of the couch.

For your Pinning pleasure, here are a few more images (in a few more rooms!) that incorporate the light, relaxed, and very August-appropriate tricks of  a Pinterest home:

Pinterest Home 3

Pinterest Home 4

Pinterest Home 5

Pinterest Home 6

Pinterest Home 7

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