Why I Love to Write About Amish Furniture

Beth Rice 02/11/2017
Our content writer and host of our new FAQ video series Beth shares why she loves to write about Amish furniture. Take it away, Beth. 


How many times did you help a little one put shoes on their feet as they sat on the bench in the foyer?

How many times have you heard laughter ignite and watched as it spread around your dinner table?

How many times did you kneel by your daughters bedside to recite prayers, or sat on the edge of it to dry her tears?


Did you ever take a picture of Dad asleep in his favorite chair because he just looked so funny?

Did you ever hide Christmas gifts in the same drawer of the night table where you keep letters from your great grandmother?

Did you ever delay dinner because you caught sight of Daddy and his little girl tucked on the rocker reading Peter Rabbit?


Do you remember the endless giggling that came from under the fort your children made between the sofa and loveseat?

Do you remember who started the flour fight while rolling out gingerbread dough on the kitchen island?

Do you remember who helped to add the table leaves every year while holiday music played in the background?


Connections are powerful. They are the moments that create snapshots in our minds that stay with us. They make us smile when they dart across our memory and they fill us with warmth.

The Amish furniture I write about is the foundation for these connections, which is the main reason I love to write about it.

While I enjoy writing about the unique features, durability, quality, custom options, and styles that make Amish furniture exceptional, what I love to share most is the foundation it provides that leads to the connections and the feelings.

Imagine your favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Take out the dining table and chairs where everyone gathered and sat. Take out the chiming grandfather clock and the coat rack full of colorful coats and scarves. Take out the sofas, beds, and chairs where everyone took turkey-induced naps. Take out the kitchen island covered with desserts and the entertainment center everyone gathered in front of to cheer on their football team. Take out the foundation and the connections are lost.


Sharon’s Story:

“I was so surprised that my father said he received the lighthouse yesterday. He secretly set it up in the backyard last night so when my mom opened the shades in the morning she would see it. He videotaped her opening up the curtains this morning to see the brand new lighthouse, and she was crying with joy. She loves it. Tonight she will get to see how the solar lighting feature works. She can’t really walk outside for a closer look but she sits at the table and looks out the window all day long. Tell the wood crafters we all appreciate the great job they did in making the lighthouse and shipping it so carefully. Thanks!!!”

Amish Cape Henry Wooden Outdoor Lighthouse

Cape Henry Wooden Garden Lighthouse

Shirley’s Story:

“The new bulkhead for the goat cart came in the mail today! I’m anxious to get Gemma hooked up! Thank you.”

Amish Handcrafted Hitch Wagon

Gemma & Handcrafted Hitch Wagon 

Leesa’s Story:

“Thank you! The wedding was beautiful! The guests loved the idea of a guest sign-in bench, and the bride and groom were thrilled with it.”

Amish Pine Wood High Back Heart Glider

Amish Pine Wood High Back Heart Outdoor Glider Bench

Mary’s Story:

These chairs are beautiful! The craftsmanship is beyond compare! The quality of wood, the color, the comfort, and the shipping….I cannot say how thrilled I am with my new dining chairs. I am so glad to have found you. Thanks to you and your Artist.”

Amish Bow Back Bent Fiddle Slot Dining Chair

Amish Bow Back Bent Fiddle Slot Dining Chair

Writing about Amish furniture is writing part of a story. Can you imagine the testimonials above without the foundations that created the connections?


Read more testimonials and discover how Amish furniture can offer foundations to your home and stories.

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