American Made Pottery from the Hershberger Collection


From clay to kiln to your cozy kitchen, our collection of Hershberger pottery products are lovely additions to your earthenware treasures.

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in one of our handmade mugs along with your favorite cereal or oatmeal in one of our pretty bowls. 

Our Hershberger Pottery line is alive with colors like:

  • Metallic Green
  • Speckled Blue-Grey
  • Flecked Yellow
  • Copper
  • Turquoise

All of our American made pottery products are safe to put in your microwave or dishwasher.

From clay to finished product, Hershberger pottery begins and ends naturally.  Skilled potters carefully wedge and knead the clay, shape and sculpt it on a pottery wheel, then roll, cut, stretch or press it to perfection until it is ready for the kiln.

Our Mennonite pottery is made with the utmost care right here in the United States by families who specialize in earthenware and stoneware products.

Start your own collection of unique pottery with our mugs, bowls, pitchers, vases and more!


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