Handcrafted in: New Holland, Pennsylvania
Items in this collection: Gazebo kits

Dreamy, welcoming, and full of features to accentuate an outdoor space, our Amish made gazebos are strong, easy to maintain, and come with a variety of options.

Picturesque and perfect, you can enjoy a variety of activities under your new gazebo, from dining to entertaining, to just enjoying the outdoors. These Amish gazebos give any outdoor space a lift.

The gazebos range from 6’ to 18’ wide, and there are so many sizes available that there’s sure to be a gazebo to fit your outdoor space. The wood used to build them is strong, reliable, pressure treated pine wood.

Lots of Choices

While you can rely on the finest craftsmanship and materials, you can get creative with our Amish gazebos that offer lots of options to pick from.

There are different roof styles, post styles and a variety of options for railing. Consider a country, colonial, baroque or traditional look for your gazebo. Additional privacy is easy with the addition of convenient privacy panels and screens. You can add more benches for additional seating and consider electrical packages for lighting.

Quality Build

Each gazebo is packed with value from top to bottom, from the double rafters and laminated posts to heavy duty railings and floors all made with quality lumber.

The woodworkers that make these gazebos are dedicated to earth friendly practices. They carefully select boards they can get the most use out of in order not to waste any wood.

Unending Enjoyment

A gazebo creates a beautiful place for relaxing and entertaining. Enhance your beloved backyard or garden with an area you can occupy to enjoy all that surrounds you. Gazebos are ideal for park coverings, gardens, backyards, estates and any outdoor areas to connect us with the beauty of the outdoors.

Enjoy the stars at night and escape to some shade on a sunny day. Dine outside with family and friends where the air is fresh and welcoming. When you’re looking to vacation right at home, a gazebo can help take you there.

With so many choices available, you can create a fantastic outdoor oasis with our easy to assemble gazebo kits that make an outdoor wonderland possible.

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