It seems everything bought in the world these days takes significantly longer to receive than it used to. Whether it's car parts or appliances, the delays affecting the furniture industry are not exclusive. 

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Why does it take so long to get my vanity?

Unfortunately, there is no single right answer to this question. The bathroom vanities you see at DutchCrafters are handcrafted by Amish woodworkers. This alone means that it may take longer to receive our solid wood vanities on a normal day than the less durable options you may find in big box stores. However, since the entire industry is facing delays, the lead time for our handcrafted vanities is not that much different than the lead time of the big-box options.

Supply Chain Disruptions 

Our Amish woodworkers have pivot points in place should a specific piece become unavailable. As a particular type of drawer slide became harder to obtain, they pivoted to another option, even if it meant it was a little less profitable to create the piece. This is true for hinges, wood glue, screws, and nails. While certain pieces became hard to come by, they continued to build the parts of the furniture they could. The majority of our wood shops are small operations and are not meant to house furniture long term. As more and more orders came in, the woodshops became crowded. While some customers could wait for the pieces to be complete, some customers could not. This led to the cancellation of half-built pieces, major adjustments, and the longer-than-usual lead times you may experience today.

Staffing Shortages

Our Amish wood shops are not excluded from the staffing shortages being seen across the world today. While many of our wood shops are smaller family-owned operations, they are still significantly short-handed. Couple this with the overwhelming orders and the stress of supply chain disruptions, and we're bound to see delays. 

Choose a Solid Wood Vanity Meant to Last

Since you'll be waiting either way, why not choose a solid wood vanity you can customize to fit your space? We can help you identify the wood type that works best, the finish choice that works beautifully with your space and home, and the convenient options that make your new handcrafted solid wood bathroom vanity the perfect addition to your bathroom! 

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