Handcrafted in: Indiana
Items in this collection: Handwoven baskets

There’s something about baskets that creates a warm and cozy feeling. Great for storage and decoration, the Indiana Baskets Collection offers a variety of baskets in different sizes and shapes.

Not only are they pretty, but these baskets are handcrafted to last by the Amish. What makes these baskets more exceptional than others is they are carefully handwoven for a quality shape and they’re made with poly that comes from recycled plastic. Enjoy attractive, functional and fun baskets that are earth-friendly, colorful and highly durable.

Treat Yourself to Eco Friendly Accessories

Add attractive baskets that aid in your day-to-day activities. Each of these baskets is handwoven with poly material that’s good for the earth. Poly is made from recycled plastic, utilizing recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles. Poly is a wonder material, highly durable, colorful and easy to maintain.

Grab a Great Gift

Pick up a basket to take to the farmer’s market. Select a stylish hamper or basket for pool towels. Enhance the look of your favorite plants with a poly basket. Choose from a variety of colors too. You’ve found unique and special gifts in our Indiana Baskets Collection.

Handcrafted and good for the earth, these baskets are sure to delight.

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