JMX Brands/DutchCrafters CEO Jim Miller on Authenticity

Debra Gingerich 18/03/2015

Full text, from the Mennonite World Review, February 16th, 2015:

More Than A Thin Veneer

Two nightstands sawed in half at a Pennsylvania trade show caught the attention of Jim Miller. The former pastor of Covenant Mennonite Fellowship in Sarasota, FL, owns DutchCrafters, a retailer of Amish Furniture, and offered a sermon at Mennonite Economic Development Associates’ 2014 convention. In comments printed in The Marketplace MEDA magazine, he said the import had a thin veneer masking particleboard, while the handcrafted Amish version was solid oak, stained even in places most people wouldn’t look.

“We hunger for that which is authentic, that which has lasting value, beauty, and significance,” he says. “We want continuity between words and action, consistencyabetween the outer layer and what lies under the surface.”


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