More Than Just a Nightstand

As an essential part to any bedroom suite, the nightstand serves an important role in storing anything that you may need to make your time in bed as carefree as possible. While most nightstands come standard with drawers for storage and a flat top for must-have items, the Ida Bedroom Collection offers ways to customize your new piece to help you get the most out of your new bedside storage.

Below is a list of features that you can add to most any nightstand in the Ida Bedroom Collection, to help guide you through your decision making process.


Cedar Drawer Bottoms

Cedar Drawer Bottom Optional with any drawer in the suite, a cedar bottom has a magical way of offering the most aromatically beautiful scent to anything you have stored inside. This unique feature will also naturally deter bugs, ensuring what you have stored inside doesn't turn to an easy meal for an unwelcome guest.

The cedar drawer bottoms will also serve as a moisture management system -  which will stop mildew from making close dingy and is perfect for any humid climate. And, if you new cedar doesn't smell as fresh in a year or two, simply run a fine grit sand paper over the surface and that beautiful smell will return to its former glory.



Jewelry Drawer Insert

Jewelry Insert for DrawerTurn any drawer into a convenient storage place for your jewelry, keepsakes, and valuables with a jewelry drawer insert.

Easy enough to incorporate into the top drawer of your nightstand, but versatile enough for even a chest of drawers or dresser - this add-on offers a plush place to keep anything you'll need while offering organization to keep items from ending up everywhere in your drawer.

When getting ready for the day, just reach in and your favorite piece will be ready for you. You can even use this insert to hold your watch, keys, and wallet to ensure you never leave home without them.


Secure Sliding and Locking Top

Sliding Top Hidden Nightstand StorageThe sliding and locking top is one feature that no one will ever know about - unless you tell them. The ingenious addition will allow you to slide the top of your nightstand forward to reveal a lined storage area that is perfect for valuables and stow away items.

The smooth gliding mechanism allows easy access to anything you need, without having to remove items you have stored on top. When closed, a lock is available to ensure anyone that figures this secret out, will not be able to access the items you have inside.

Turn the key and keep it with you throughout the day for the extra peace-of-mind knowing that, in the rare event, an intruder enters your home, they will not walk off with something this is truly irreplaceable.


Three Plug Power Strip

Nightstand with Three Plug Power OutletWe all have electronics on our nightstand that require a power outlet - and if you're anything like us you have more than two. Adding the three-plug power strip offers more places to plug in your must-have electronics in a convenient location directly behind the nightstand.

From your lamp to your phone charger, and anything in between, you can have up to four things plugged in at once to power everything you need to make sure you're set for the night at hand, and ready to take on the day the next morning.

If you need bring any of your electronic items with you, simply reach behind the nightstand, unplug, and go. No need to pull out the piece to access the in-wall power outlet again.


Touch Sensor Night Light

Night Light Under NightstandOccasionally, you'll have to leave the comforts of your beautiful bed and venture out to face the night. From bathroom breaks to the midnight rendezvous with a glass of refreshing water, you'll want to make sure your trip is successful, without hitting a toe or waking a sleeping partner.

With our touch sensor night light, you'll have the convenience of a night light's glow whenever you need it. From the touch of a sensor located on the nightstand, the ambient glow underneath will guide you safely to and fro.

Located under the nightstand, this is the best option when your partner is a lite sleeper - ensuring the glow stays low and doesn't disturb them on the opposite side of the bed.


Drawer Glides

Drawer GlidesAs a standard feature for most nightstands, your drawers will be mounted to the case with high-quality ball-bearing glides to provide a lifetime of smooth gliding motion. These glides also incorporate a full-extension movement away from the frame, ensuring you have access to anything you have stored inside - even if it ends up all the way in the back.

As an option, you can upgrade your glides to the under-mounted slides - positioned under the drawer box and creating a seamless, floating drawer effect that allows each slide to stay out of sight. Along with this hidden look, you'll also get the benefits of a soft-closing mechanism that ensures you never slam a drawer and shuffle items inside, or accidentally wake your partner again.



Hardware OptionsWith so many different options available for your new nightstand, you'll have complete control over the finished piece.

While most are shown with a hardware that holds true to the style of the piece and adds a naturally authentic feel, these are just suggestions to get you started on creating the perfect nightstand.

Along with the hardware shown in photos, you can also select from an array of different collections to allow your personality to shine through in the finished look. Or, find the collection that complements the rest of your furniture and incorporate your new nightstands next to any bed you choose. With DutchCrafters, your personal satisfaction is paramount - customize the bedroom suite of your dreams.