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Bargarten Restaurant

In a classic German Biergarten, "generations come together to share, imbibe and enjoy." In key locations throughout the Northwest US and Southwest Canada, Gustav's Bargarten Restaurants replicates these jovial German meeting places to a chorus of high praise and with rounds of high spirits.

DutchCrafters is delighted to join their merry celebrations, most recently by providing more than sixty side chairs to help open Gustav's newest outpost in Keizer Station, Oregon. Doors swung open April21st, 2015 to crowds hungry for their authentic Bavarian menu and thirsty for their enviable, genuine craft bier selection. 

Fun and casual for patrons young and old, Bargarten Restaurants know that their fantastic atmosphere alone won't keep the patrons streaming in, so they back it up with bona fide Bavarian cuisine and direct-import biers that reflect the restaurant's history. At DutchCrafters, we reflect and respect our heritage by backing up the beauty of our furniture with solid wood and handcrafted quality. 

Many happy wishes and best of luck to Bargarten for their continued success! Prost!  

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