B2B Profiles

Christy B. Designs

"Home is the foundation.  It reflects what’s important to you and who you are.  It’s a place to express oneself and create memories. " - Christy B.

Christy B. Designs' philosophy on designing and creating a home as one in the same purpose is truly a reflection of our own beliefs regarding our Amish furniture. Much as Christy B. feels that decor and furniture are more than pretty, useful objects, we also feel that these objects echo a homeowner's personality; their wants and ambitions for their family are evident in their furniture choices.

Combining a fresh, upbeat style with a strong sense of organization (key to the modern family lifestyle), Christy B. says, "my specialty is maximizing space through smart storage solutions and reconfigured floor plans that have flow." We're certain that's why she chose a classic, space-saving dining table in the Vintage Pedestal Table above. It serves up cozy meals for a family short on space, but in need of a a dining upgrade.

Christy B.'s "love of re-imagining spaces" earned her a spot on HGTV's hit renovation show "Brother vs. Brother," where she tackles homeowner projects with skill & vivacity. We look forward to seeing more of her talent on-screen, and to assisting her interior design firm (based out of Los Angeles) in newer and bigger projects in the near future.