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Courtroom Chairs for the Eastern Court of Philadelphia

What's on the docket? Comfortable, practical courtroom chairs.

In the city if Brotherly Love, they like their citizens comfortable - even when they're in court. Courtroom chairs are part and parcel of the practice.

The Eastern Court of Pennsylvania noticed that their halls of justice were looking a little less than phenomenal and that their patrons on both sides of the law needed more functional seating. This seat of Federal Government had three top priorities in their newly-commissioned search for the perfect courthouse chair.

Courtroom Chairs fit for Philadelphia

For the record, they ruled these courtroom chair features the most pressing:

Exhibit A: Courtroom Chairs that raise the bar

Enter Dutchcrafters personal furniture specialist, who took on the court's case for new courtroom furniture with gusto! Relying on years of experience in office furniture, as well as relevant experience helping to design courtroom furniture for the McCracken County Courthouse and the Oklahoma City District Court, she handed over our Edelweiss Client Office Chair for consideration.

A courtroom chair with comfort to spare

A high-end chair with comfort to spare, a judiciously focused look, and a stringent ban on wiggling, rocking, creaking - case closed! The jury was for the Edelweiss. By the time the gavel fell, the Eastern Court of Philadelphia had secured a courthouse full of reliable, practical, and beautiful American-made courtroom chairs that everyone could agree on.  






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