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For over two decades, The Hand Prop Room has dedicated itself to providing the finest merchandise and service to all of its clients. The staff at The Hand Prop Room has always maintained certain guiding principles. Among them are research, authenticity and their willingness to search from one end of the globe to the other in order to find exactly what their customer requires.

So when LDS Filmmaking, the producers of The Pillar of Light, contacted The Hand Prop Room in search for authentic early 19th century replicas, The Hand Prop Room, in turn, came to us to provide them with two Old Fashioned Replica Wheelbarrows. Our wheelbarrows are made with painstaking accuracy, right down to the mortise and tenon joinery. The wheelbarrows were perfect for the new film.

Based on the best selling series by Gerald N. Lund, The Pillar of Light blends high-powered fiction with true events from the life of Joseph Smith. Experience the tragedies and triumphs of the Steed family amid the raging controversy that surrounds the teachings of one of the most influential religious leaders in American history.

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