B2B Profiles

Kaukauna is a small town near Green Bay. It is one of Wisconsin’s oldest communities. Kaukauna rests near the Fox River and three waterfalls. Travelers had to carry their boats and supplies over the Kaukauna land in order to avoid a long ride down a waterfall. With so much water-faring history, a well-lit path is an understandably valued symbol.

Lighthouse Corner is a local gas station and convenience store located near Kaukauna’s downtown. The owner called us when he decided to erect a local landmark. Our beautiful Barnegat Fiberglass Lighthouse was perfect. Offered in many different heights the Barnegat Fiberglass Lighthouse is both stunning and sturdy.

His lighthouse sports all of the options: revolving light, light timer, and remote control. The glow of his lighthouse radiates a magnificent presence day and night. He did not want to err on the side of subtle, either. He wanted his lighthouse to stand 12 feet high. Weighing nearly 100 pounds, this lighthouse was delivered to him in one assembled piece.
With landmark dreams satisfied, Lighthouse Corner was named in honor of the stunning lighthouse residing there.