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The Pikes Peak region's history is directly linked to the story of the 1859 "Pikes Peak or Bust" gold rush. The rush for gold compelled ordinary people to take extraordinary risks in coming to this area. Although there were rumors of gold in the Rockies for centuries, it took a convergence of economic and political conditions for the promise of reward to outweigh the risks of travel. Though the actual gold lay 60 miles to the north, the Rush brought people, trade, trails and towns to this region.

Through historic artifacts, photographs, documents and the true stories of the men, women, and children who travelled to Pikes Peak, Museum visitors can learn about the beginnings of Colorado City, El Paso County and those who were "busted" by the rough conditions and hardships of the frontier.

The museum selected our Old Fashioned Replica Wheelbarrow in a rustic style, large size, with a natural rustic weathered wood color. The wheelbarrow will be used as a central part in an upcoming exhibit at the museum, depicting the history of the gold rush in Colorado. The wheelbarrow will be used to show how the gold was transported.

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