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Founded in 1924 in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is now world renowned for its exemplary academic programs. A year later when Duke began its first program of medicine they began a tradition of research, education, and excellence that continues to this day. Duke Medicine's many achievements include the nation's first cancer research programs, numerous vaccines, and even a Nobel Prize nomination. In 1998, the Duke University Health System, an integrated academic health care system serving central North Carolina, was founded.

Duke University Health Systems, however, found themselves with a need for new bookcases at one of the academic centers. So when Jane Utley, purchasing assistant for the university contacted us we were more than happy to find something in our extensive inventory to suit their needs. Eventually they decided on six of our cherry finished, hand made Amish Executive Bookcases. And even with a strict delivery deadline, DutchCrafters was able to fulfill all the programs needs.

Presently Duke University Health Systems is still on the forefront of medicine in this country. Since 2001, Duke Medicine's contributions to gene study have been vital to the mapping of the human genome, and their continued research will only bring more new and exciting discoveries.

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