B2B Profiles

Chiropractic on the Saddle River is a leading edge chiropractic firm located, as could be assumed, on the beautiful Saddle River in Bergen County, New Jersey. Led by Dr. Laura Standridge, this chiropractic office has been providing advanced spinal care as well as the the most advanced technique available today.

Dr. Standridge is well known for her desire to provide this unique medical service in an environment that not only soothes the body but the mind as well. Chiropractic on the Saddle River uses cutting edge diagnostic technology and a thorough evaluation process to provide each patient with the individual care that best suits their ailment or needs. As Dr. Standridge herself puts it "We are not here to name or treat your disease, we are here to find out what is interfering in your recovery."

When DutchCrafters receives inquiries from progressive businesses such as this one, we find it mutually beneficial to try and provide as much help in ordering our products as possible.

DutchCrafters believes in using eco-friendly, self sustaining materials, and Dr. Standridge's company envelops those beliefs. She came to us looking for some of our quality Amish American hand-made Windsor benches to be used outside overlooking the river. Dr. Standridge was opening her office and really needed the benches to tie off her outside decor and wanted them by the opening.

DutchCrafters was eager to help and we worked closely with our Amish woodworkers and shipping services to get the benches ready for use and we were successful in delivering our quality product on time.