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Oak Crest Manor of Jenison located in Jenison, Michigan, has provided the "Comfort of Home" to residents since 1988. This Oak Crest Manor community sits on eighteen acres of beautifully landscaped Michigan countryside, and consists of five Assisted Living manors with 20 residents each and three Independent Living villas.

This campus offers two levels of living arrangements. Assisted Living provides a variety of floor plans with options for a single room or an apartment with a separate living area and kitchenette. Assisted Living Plus offers a safe and secure setting for those residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Oak Manors main belief is fostering and safeguarding a caring environment by providing programs and services which enhance the quality of life for each resident while revolving heavily around a faith based belief system.

We are always happy to provide furniture to those establishments that do their best to make a difference in peoples lives, and when Jenison Oak Manor asked us for some of our beautifully American hand made Amish furniture to their community centers we provided our superior service and quality.

The community made a great decision in choosing furniture from our unique polywood collection, which is a wonderful eco-friendly product made from recycled materials. The polywood is a prefect choice for any outdoor furniture as it is extremely resistant to weathering, warping, or any other type of wear and tear, while at the same time being remarkably easy to clean!

Jenison Oak Manor wanted something comfortable and stylish but also nature friendly, which is how they found our eco-friendly rocking chairs and side tables for their community members to enjoy on the beautiful Michigan spring and summer afternoons!

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