B2B Profiles

Settled along the beautiful North Central California coast line cliffs is one of Value Vacations most spectacular rentals, known better as Big Sur Cabin Cottage. Overlooking the infamously scenic Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean, this cabin has everything from breathtaking mountain views to frolicking dolphins, whales, and seals in the ocean below. With an elevation of 650 feet, this Cabin not only provides the scenery but also the privacy that many people desperately seek for in a vacation rental home. With easy access to the beaches this property also offers a view of the sunset while lounging in the hot tub on the upstairs deck.

Value Vacation Rentals called DutchCrafters when they wanted to refurnish the property with quality Amish made eco-friendly furniture. They wanted five chairs for their dining room table and also one for the computer desk. We were happy to offer them our Classic Royal Mission Chairs, without arms for the table and with for the computer desk, and the comfortable addition of the leather seat cushions.

As with all of DutchCrafters furniture these pieces are one hundred percent hand made in America using only self sustainable forest resources. As you can see from the pictures, DutchCrafters is proud to have our furniture on display at such a lovely property.