B2B Profiles

When Harvest Markets first contacted DutchCrafters, the conveyed a need for a unique design for their floral department that would be sure to catch any shoppers eye. With hundreds of different options available from our Amish Wood Shops the possibilities were endless.

They decided on one of our hand built Amish Made Pine Boat Bookcases. Classic workmanship combined with this unique design caught Harvest Markets eye and they decided it would be the perfect fit for their store.

Although our furniture may take longer to arrive, it is hand built to order after all, Harvest Markets sent us a follow up email letting us know just how worth that wait is due to the superior quality of our all handcrafted Amish furniture.

Harvest Markets, located in Fort Bragg and Mendocino, CA, was opened in 1985 to meet the communities need for organic produce and other high quality food products. At the beginning stages even the founders, Tom and Penny Honer, admitted that their wasn't much difference between them and a "Winn Dixie or Safeway." But as the years went on and the community and world grew, they grew with it, adding solar panels to their stores and switching to only organic fruit and vegetables and non hormone and free range meats and poultry.

As with any good market Harvest Markets offers a huge variety of items from meat and seafood, to floral arrangements, to a wide variety of spirits and wines. We wish them all the best in their future growth and certainly hope they will return to us if they are ever in need of more of the highest quality Amish furniture available.