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Obviously we all should know what the Department of Treasury does, but for those of you who do not, it is the branch of government that regulates and supplies all of the money for our country. With such a high profile customer coming to us for their furniture needs DutchCrafters knew we had to deliver.

The Department of Treasury was looking for two desks to go to their main offices in Landover, MD, and while DutchCrafters has a huge selection of all handcrafted solid wood Amish Built Desks, we knew we needed to find the best.

The first need was a smaller desk and we offered them our highest quality 36" Computer Executive Desk in Oak with a beautiful dark stained finish. These executive desks are the perfect size for any office with a desktop computer and we were happy to have it handmade by our skilled Amish craftsman.

They also needed a bigger desk for use in an executive office and we were happy to provide them with our Arlington Executive L Desk. More than just a straight desk, this obviously L shaped desk extends to not only provide the necessary room for your computer and files but extends to allow room for those whose needs are much greater.

Selected in a beautiful dark oak finish and as always, hand made by our Amish Wood Workers, both pieces were delivered and were received with the highest satisfaction. They may have taken a bit longer than some places, but the quality is rivaled by none and if the DOT ever has further furniture needs we can provide them with the best Amish furniture in the United States!

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