The Amish furniture we offer at DutchCrafters is authentically handcrafted by the Amish. It is built-to-order, not sitting on a shelf in a factory warehouse. Since careful, master craftsmanship takes time, this means that your furniture typically won’t be ready for several weeks following the placement of your order.

DutchCrafters Solution: Get Your Order Started with Just 30% Down!

Once you’ve decided on a wood type and finalized your selection of options, you can get the process started by ordering your Amish furniture with just 30% down. This is an offer that our competitors just can’t match, and it provides exceptional value to you through decreasing the total wait time, keeping more of your money until the furniture is actually ready, and peace of mind. In many cases, we can get your Amish furniture started before you even select your finish options, allowing more time for you to make a decision after you receive our stain samples in the mail.

By making a 30% deposit you will be responsible to make another 30% payment in 4 weeks, and the remaining 40% balance is due prior to shipping. The deposit is non-refundable after 48 hours of placing an order. The balance is due prior to shipping, with no interest fees or finance charges. Orders less than $3,000 or products that ship within four weeks do not qualify for our 30% down payment program. Please call us at 941-867-2233 to find out more.