Solid hardwood furniture carries value for a lifetime

At DutchCrafters, we offer solid wood furniture handcrafted by the Amish - more than 5000 different fine furniture products for your bedroom, dining room, office or living room.  Because our furniture is handcrafted in America by master craftsmen, it is not only solid wood furniture, but solid value.

Our solid hardwood furniture includes many types and styles, most of which is available in a variety of hardwoods and many different finish options.  Some of our wood options include oak, quartersawn oak, cherry, maple, walnut, rustic cherry, brown maple and hickory.  Particularly popular is our Solid Cherry Wood Furniture. Because solid wood furniture is made from natural fiber, its beauty lies within the wood itself - a natural, wholesome, elegant look and feel that makes solid hardwood furniture unique and special.

Our solid wood furniture is built to last.  Unlike cheap imported furniture that is made with veneers and synthetics, our American made, expertly crafted, heirloom quality solid wood furniture is built to last for decades.  Your investment will hold its value as you pass along our Amish furniture from one generation to the next.

Solid hardwood Furniture

Solid hardwood desks compared to prefabricated imports 

One example of the excellent pieces that we offer is our solid hardwood desks.  Compared to other office furniture that may be cheaper at face value, our solid hardwood desks carry value over a lifetime or more.  Cheap, pre-assembled office furniture is often made from particleboard and veneers, held together by inexpensive screws, plastic parts and a bit of glue.  (You'll notice this if you've ever laid out the instructions and struggled over all the various parts in the self-assembly of a desk or bookcase, hoping to find the page that is written in English!)  Once assembled, this type of office furniture can easily be scratched and frequently is not built to last.  If it lasts ten years, it has done better than expected.  In contrast, you may buy several of those inexpensive prefabricated desks during the lifespan of just one of our solid hardwood desks built by the Amish.  Our solid hardwood desks are built of the finest ingredients, expertly crafted, and proudly made to last a lifetime.  We use real hardwoods, mortise and tenon joinery, the highest quality hardware, quality stains, and dovetailing in the drawers.  When it comes down to it, there really is no comparison!

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