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Your Solid Wood Furniture at the DutchCrafters Retail Store

There’s nothing quite like touching the smooth edge of a solid wood dining table. The durability, strength and beauty of Amish furniture begins with your choice of premium wood.

The DutchCrafters store in Sarasota, Florida is ready to inspire you with our showcase of solid wood options. Learn more about them and see them up close and personal with each one displaying the unique qualities and styles of solid wood furniture.

Brown Maple: Brown maple wood is smooth and heavily streaked with pearly white, chestnut and khaki brown shades. One of the softer hardwoods, brown maple displays a stain beautifully, making it ideal for contrasting pieces.

Cedar: Our versatile cedar wood with its rosy glow and light golden sapwood supplies the pleasant scent of our solid wood hope chests as well as resilient material for outdoor porch swings and outdoor furniture.

Cherry: A most distinguished and celebrated hardwood, cherry wood is recognized for its strength and beauty. For cherry heirloom furniture, woodworkers generally try to use the reddish-brown heartwood. Cherry has a fine, straight, closed grain and a smooth, rich texture that will darken over time developing a rich, deep patina.

Elm: Strong and robust, Elm is displayed as an accent wood offering striking contrast in solid wood furniture. This exclusive look is only used by a handful of woodworkers. Elm holds its shape beautifully.

Oak: A heavy, strong, and light colored wood, oak is celebrated for its strength, durability and beauty. Oak is ideal for creating a warm, welcoming ambiance and is the most widely used hardwood in American furniture making.

Hard Maple: Primarily grown in the eastern United States, hard maple wood is strong with a fine and even, uniform texture. Its resistance to abrasions and indentations make it ideal for children’s furniture.

Hickory: With a beautiful contrast of light and dark colors, hickory offers a dramatic, natural look. Hickory is strong, beautiful and full of color and is one of the hardest, heaviest and strongest woods in the United States. Hickory sapwood is a creamy white, while hickory heartwood is pink and reddish brown. This variation in color provides a rich rustic appeal to your hickory furniture.

Pine: Straight grained with a fine, uniform texture, Eastern White Pine is often chosen for its charm, versatility and affordability. This soft but stable wood displays a one-of-a-kind look as it has a natural resin that can bleed through lighter finishes over time, adding to its appeal. The natural occurrence of knot holes in the wood contribute to its cottage character. The features of pine wood make it ideal for painting.

Poly Wood: Manufactured from recycled plastic, with the look of traditional wooden outdoor furniture, poly wood contributes to the support of the environment and comes in a fun array of colors. This eco-friendly wood will not fade, chip or crack over time.

Quarter Sawn White Oak: This wood selection is known for its strength and firm texture. Lovely irregular markings or flakes that are a result of the unique way the oak log is cut add an appealing, distinguished character.

Reclaimed Barn Wood: Reclaimed barn wood brings with it a rich history and provides a rustic charm. Our barn wood comes from real barns that have stood for a century. Most barn wood is yellow pine, bust also includes hemlock or fir wood.

Tiger Maple: Exciting and impactful, the unpredictable and bold patterns of the wood grain make tiger maple a popular choice.

Walnut: This dark wood displays a medium amount of grain that makes slight grooves in the wood. The rich dark browns of walnut contribute easily to an elegant, formal look.

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