Windsor Bowback Children’s Rocking Chairs from DutchCrafters

Let the kids in on the fun! With authentic Amish solid wood construction and traditional Windsor design, the Children’s Rocking Chairs from DutchCrafters are just like the full-size chairs! 

Solid Wood Build Quality

These rocking chairs are made of solid oak or cherry wood. It seems the furniture manufacturers have a very low opinion of our kids! The marketplace is full of kids furniture made of nothing but particle board, plastic, and manufactured materials. They seem to think the lighter they can make the weight the better. But at DutchCrafters, we know how kids treat their things! And plastic or particle board furniture isn’t going to hold up for long at all in a kid’s room. So we offer something made to stand out. In the area of children’s furniture, our authentic solid wood construction is a star. 

  • Oak wood is the hardest wood type we offer for kids furniture; it is heavy, strong, and displays Oak’s traditional wood grain proudly. 
  • Cherry wood is also available for an elegant finish. Though softer than Oak, it’s still a hardwood. And Cherry’s smooth grain makes for a clean appearance and beautiful finish. 

Construction Techniques

This chair features a steam-bent Bowback and smooth, steam-bent rockers in the base. The windsor rocking chair design couldn’t exist without those two key elements. 

However, the essential construction technique in this design is the Mortise and Tenon joint. This technique combines a snug fit with a touch of wood glue to create a joint that isn’t moving anywhere. It’s built to last through accidental falls, angry shoves, reorganization, and all the usual wear and tear of kids’ furniture.  

Ordering This Chair

The Lancaster Legacy Kids’ Rocking Chair is made to order with your custom options. Here’s how it works. First, click the link to visit the product page. Then, move on to select options and personalize the chair. On our Options page, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between Oak wood and Cherry wood. After selecting a wood type, you can pick your finish color from among dozens of stain color options. Finally, add it to your cart and check out (along with any other products you need for your home). Your chair will be built to your specifications, finished with the perfect stain for your home, and delivered when it’s complete. 

Order today or talk to a furniture specialist about any questions you have. 


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