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Worried about our safety procedures for your furniture delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our Coronavirus Delivery Safety Procedures

We’re committed to making furniture delivery safer for you. Here’s what you can expect: We’ll wear masks and maintain social distancing during delivery. We’ll provide no-contact outside delivery upon request. Or deliver straight to your room of choice and assemble your furniture and then remove all packaging when we leave. Finally, we can sign to accept delivery for you to minimize your touchpoints.

What Are DutchCrafters Delivery Options?

Your two delivery options for furniture delivery are Standard Delivery and “White Glove” Inside Delivery. Both are typically charged a flat rate for your entire order.

Standard Furniture Delivery

If you order with Standard Delivery, your driver will pull up to your home and unload the furniture outdoors. You can keep your distance and carry the furniture inside when it’s complete.

No-Contact Outside Delivery

If you’d like to request no-contact outside delivery, please give us a call (866.272.6773) or email ( at least a few days before your delivery with your special requests. We can ask drivers not to expect you to approach them when they unload. In either case, drivers will need to see you (at least from a distance) and get your confirmation to accept delivery. They cannot leave the furniture without anyone present to accept delivery.

Indoor Delivery

If you’ve upgraded to Indoor Delivery, you may invite drivers to enter your home and direct them to the room where you’d like the furniture set up. Your drivers will wear a mask and maintain as much distance from you as possible in your home. After assembling your furniture, they’ll remove all packaging when they leave.

Accepting Delivery

We typically ask you to sign to accept delivery of your furniture after you’ve inspected it. During the pandemic, however, we’ll take a verbal acceptance of delivery. Once you’ve inspected your furniture and confirmed to your driver (in your home, outside your home, or even by phone) that you accept the delivery, your driver can sign for you.


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