Custom Furniture Store Video: Explore the Possibilities at DutchCrafters

At the DutchCrafters Custom Furniture Store in Sarasota, we give you the chance to do two things: experience the quality and explore the possibilities of our custom furniture options.

What’s can I expect at a Custom Furniture Store?

At DutchCrafters, all our furniture is made to order, which means you get to select all the details on your furniture to ensure that it’s perfect for your home.

  1. Start with product selection. Browse the largest collection of Amish furniture products online. This is where you select the overall design of your piece.
  2. Then, choose your size in the product options. Some products will let you select your overall dimensions, height, or width.
  3. Then, pick your product-specific options. These include hardware, drawer slides, table extensions, and far more, all depending on the product you’ve selected.
  4. Finally, choose your wood type and finish. We specialize in hardwood furniture, so most products will give you the choice between Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Brown Maple, and Quarter Sawn White Oak, among other wood types. We offer a broad range of blonde, red, gray, and brown stain colors as well as a full gamut of paint colors.

But our customization goes beyond options. We are happy to offer true customization. Simply talk to a furniture specialist, and we’ll be happy to come up with a quote for you on any customization you can dream of, from custom product dimensions to deeper drawers to a custom stain match.

How can I Experience the Quality?

The one thing we can’t offer online is the ability to feel the quality of our furniture. But after receiving their furniture, it’s one thing our customers rave about. It’s true that you may find a piece of furniture in a similar style somewhere else online for half the price of ours. But if you had a chance to feel them in person, you’d notice the difference. You’d notice the wood texture on your skin as you touch your Amish made furniture, the weight of the solid wood, and the stability of the chair as you sit down. The half-price furniture you find online may look the same in online pictures, but there’s no way for particle board furniture to match the experience of solid wood. So come to the store. Experience it for yourself.

What do You Mean by Explore the Possibilities?

With our huge selection of Amish furniture products online, we can’t possibly fit all of them in our showroom in Sarasota. But we can help you explore the possibilities that DutchCrafters offers you. You may have a full room design in your mind that we just need to bring to life! You may have a style in mind that our options can match. Or maybe you just want to step in the doors and find inspiration. Visit us in our Sarasota store and you’ll get to compare the comfort of various Amish chairs, see bed frames side-by-side, and sit at a desk to see if it has the right height and legroom for you. Then, we’ll find the right product for you to match your preferred style, dimensions, and design.

Where is the DutchCrafters Store?

Visit the DutchCrafters Amish furniture store at 3709 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota, FL 34234. We’ll be happy to have you! Find out more by following the link to DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Sarasota Store.

Is There a Store Near Me?

Our only physical store is in Sarasota, FL, but most of our shopping is done online! Shop online and we’re happy to deliver to your door throughout the entire contiguous United States! Shop now.

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