DutchCrafters 2020 Holiday Video

This holiday season may not be all that we hoped for, as we continue to hunker down during the pandemic, but it has highlighted the importance of home. You’ve shared your stories and let us into your homes this year. To say thank you, we’d like to invite you into ours.  

Our Homes

Michael, Category Manager for Office Furniture

When Michael’s new Amish made desk arrived this summer, it transformed his home office. Now, working from home is a luxury. Or at least a little more comfortable.   

Milca, Marketing Specialist

After months of working at a desk in a spare room, Milca’s work from home options improved drastically when her new outdoor poly furniture arrived. Now she can work and relax poolside on her new furniture.  

Debra, Director of Marketing

Debra’s DutchCrafters dining table has transformed nicely into extra ‘office’ space as she and her husband have adapted to both working from home in their small house. 

Ross, Business-Finance Team Manager

After months of work and the delivery of an Amish made nursery set, Ross and his wife have their nursery ready to welcome their first child.  

Jim and Linse Miller, CEO and Vice President of Brands

And DutchCrafters owners Jim & Linse filled their small lake house with comfortable, relaxing Amish furniture this year. Then they made their refurbished retreat available to DutchCrafters staff needing a getaway when other travel wasn’t possible.  

Thank You!

Thank you for your stories, your questions, and for sharing the moments that mean so much with your photos and testimonials. This year hasn’t been easy, but we’ll get through this together. From our homes to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.  

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