Edward & Brenda’s Custom Furniture Story

In this DutchCrafters Customer Testimonial, Edward & Brenda invite you into their dream home to see their custom bedroom furniture from DutchCrafters. To fill their new home, they wanted furniture that matched EXACTLY what they wanted, so they turned to DutchCrafters for custom furniture. Brenda is ecstatic about her new furniture, and Edward is thrilled to have custom furniture made specifically for him that can’t be found anywhere else. Edward & Brenda’s Custom Furniture Story tells their experience working with Frank and Ryan in the DutchCrafters store to purchase a custom bed and custom dresser from the Versailles Euro Sleigh Bed set for their master bedroom. Edward paired the Smoke gray finish on the bed and dresser with a white paint on the nightstands, all in brown maple wood. They also bought the Chesapeaka double panel bed and matching nightstand and dresser with a brown maple and tiger maple finish for their guest room. Brenda reminds you to be patient as your woodworkers make your custom furniture, because when you do get it you are going to LOVE your new furniture.

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Transcript: This is our dream home and we wanted to make sure that we furnish it with the things that we really really loved. And we went to many stores looking around for furniture but you would like one piece of something and not another piece of something else or just a color of this and not a color of that so I wanted to have an experience that would be getting exactly what we wanted. I believe Brenda actually selected the model she liked but that model had to be customized and DutchCrafters was able to customize the bed in accordance with the drawing that I had provided. We wanted an extended dresser and they were able to customize that and add another column of drawers. Oh, in addition to getting a custom piece we also bought a piece out of the showroom. We started out working with Frank and then we worked with Ryan. Ryan recommended that we get the complete set and not just an individual piece and I’m really glad we did because all the pieces together make our guest room look great. Frank was talking about, you know, how durable the furniture is and how good it is and everything and he told us, he said I have a challenge for you. He pulled out one of the drawers and he says I want you to stand on it. He’s like no I don’t think so. When I stood on it and realized that it could hold my weight I said that this has to be good stuff. I’m ecstatic with the furniture. It is absolutely beautiful. When people come in we’re so overjoyed to show them the furniture. I always pull out the nightstand because it actually says our name and says who made it. And the other furniture in the house we like too–but because that was built just for us that makes it really special. The advice I would give is be patient because it is a custom process so you’re not getting it in 24 hours, you’re getting it in several weeks, but just to know that when it finally does come you’re going to love your custom furniture.

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