Happy Holidays from DutchCrafters

The rush of excitement upon waking up in your bed on Christmas morning. The joy in your heart as you sit around the tree opening presents in the living room. The laughter in the dining room as meals and games are enjoyed at the dining room table. There is so much to be thankful for around the holidays. This holiday season, we at DutchCrafters want to take a minute to give thanks for the opportunity to gather together with family and for the spaces in our homes that make those memories possible. This is what we love about the holidays. We give thanks for dining room tables to play games around, living room furniture to sit upon in our pajamas, a bed to wake up in on Christmas morning, the memory of a childhood Christmas, a fireplace to sit in front of, the tradition of the classic Christmas story The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore, and the joy of a child’s smile. From all of us at DutchCrafters, we wish you happy holidays! ********************************* Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DutchCrafters/ And of course, don’t forget to shop https://www.dutchcrafters.com/

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